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USA and Canada Geoclip users
The Quebec Health and Welfare Commissioner uses Geoclip to compare health performance of Quebec regions and Canada provinces. The 2 Atlases contain more than 100 health indicators (only in French).
USA Public Health Atlases
The Social and Demographic Atlas of Los Angeles Urban Area, the Alabama Maternal and Child Health Atlas or the New Jersey Atlas of Health Care Facilities. Go
GÉO-STAT Gallery
This section presents some applications built with Géoclip for the US and Canadian context. Go
Regional Atlases of Québec
These interactive maps for Quebec MRCs and municipalities contain territorial borders, demographic data and points of interest. Maps are in French. Go
Demonstration for the Atlas of Canada. Go
More information on Géoclip technology. Go
RAND Corporation uses to Geoclip to help public health agencies to develop appropriate strategies for incorporating special needs populations into public health preparedness and response planning.See also the Missouri Health Literacy Mapping Tool.
The Canadian Council on Social Development Atlases allow to compare Canada's major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
The Kansas Health Institute uses Geoclip to present the ranking of the 105 counties of Kansas. The ranking is based on summary measures of the health (outcome, determinant, health behavior, etc.).
The Kids’ Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse presents with Geoclip, New York state children's health, education and well-being indicators.
L'Institut national de santé publique du Québec uses Geoclip solo to present data on population characteristics and health status for different regions of Quebec (in french only).
The Canadian Council on Learning uses Geoclip server to map its Composite Learning Index. This Index provides an annual measure of Canada’s performance in a number of areas related to lifelong learning. The Atlas presents data for provinces, economic regions and community.
The community information database from Agriculture Canada presents several indicators based on the 1996, 2001 and 2006 Canadian census. Here, Geoclip server is working with a tabular data presentation tool (Beyond 20/20).
L’Atlas Santé of Montreal Health Agency presents several applications built with Geoclip (solo and server These Atlases make it possible to analyze health services utilisation and map hospitals and medical clinics in the area (only in french).
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