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The Géo-Stat team includes specialists in statistics, geomatics and Web data reporting. Our aim is to help organizations to manage their statistical data and to create a more intelligible and meaningful information system.
GÉO-STAT Gallery
This section presents some applications built with Géoclip for the US and Canadian context. Go
USA and Canada Geoclip users
This section presents realisations of Geoclip users in USA and Canada. Some Atlases are accessible online. Go
USA Public Health Atlases
The Social and Demographic Atlas of Los Angeles Urban Area, the Alabama Maternal and Child Health Atlas or the New Jersey Atlas of Health Care Facilities. Go
Regional Atlases of Québec
These interactive maps for Quebec MRCs and municipalities contain territorial borders, demographic data and points of interest. Maps are in French. Go
Demonstration for the Atlas of Canada. Go
More information on Géoclip technology. Go
We have established a very strong partnership with Géoclip that enables us to offer organizations in the USA and Canada a powerful and very user friendly Web-based Interactive geographic system. Our offer includes a whole range of advisory services.
Web site, application and database installation
The Géo-Stat team can help you with the Installation and configuration of Géoclip on a Web server. This includes: installation of the Web and database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle), configuration of PHP, installation and configuration of Géoclip server, etc.
Base map preparation support
We can build base layers for your application, which are typically made up of polygonal objects and, are characterized by their detailed mesh structure (e.g., municipalities, health regions, counties, etc.). The basic geographic layers are supplemented by several complementary layers, giving geographic landmarks such as cities, road networks, waterways, etc.
Data preparation support
We can organize and optimise your statistical data to make them fit the application’s proprietary management tables. The consistency between the spatial nomenclatures and the area codes in the data tables will be monitored. Combinations will be calculated for higher geographic levels. We will also create tables with appropriate information on indicators (name of the indicator, definition, source, etc.).
Reports and graphs
The Géoclip server report function allows you to create a report and graph on each of the territories on the map, presenting their characteristics. You can include several types of graphs and tables in these reports. We can help you to build reports and graphs for your application.
Data advisory service
We are well aware of the wide range of statistical data available in the USA and Canada at the local and regional level (including Statistics Canada and US Census Bureau data). A growing number of them offer public access, even though it sometimes takes time to organize them into thorough, documented databases. We can help you to select sets of data to complement the data that you have already organized.
Training for Géoclip management
To make the application’s administrators fully autonomous, we can organize a skills transfer that will cover updating the database of indicators, importing elementary data into the database, setting cartography parameters, updating base maps, etc.
Your Project
Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your project with us. You can also dowload our brochure.
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