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The Statistical Atlas of Canada is built with the new version of Géoclip (O3). It offers the ability to display map, table and graph on the same screen. You can also view two maps simultaneously. The Atlas presents census data for different areas (province, municipality, etc.) and also data on health.
USA Public Health Atlases
The Social and Demographic Atlas of Los Angeles Urban Area, the Alabama Maternal and Child Health Atlas or the New Jersey Atlas of Health Care Facilities. Go
USA and Canada Geoclip users
This section presents realisations of Geoclip users in USA and Canada. Some Atlases are accessible online. Go
Regional Atlases of Québec
These interactive maps for Quebec MRCs and municipalities contain territorial borders, demographic data and points of interest. Maps are in French. Go
Demonstration for the Atlas of Canada. Go
More information on Géoclip technology. Go
Discover USA contains U.S. Census data by state, county and census tract. This Atlas has also data on health, transport, justice, etc. It has several Geoclip features (reports, tables, graphs, etc.). The Atlas can also display the road network and satellite images at different zoom levels.
The USA Hospitals Atlas let you explore hospital trends between 1999 to 2006. Several indicators like admissions, number of beds and ER visits are available. When you are on the map, click on to play a movie that shows the trend.
The Atlas of Canada with Geoclip server presents socio-demographic data for different areas (province, electoral district, municipality, etc.) It is also possible to select an indicator before launching the map.
The Atlas of Canada bult with Geoclip Solo presents socio-demographic data for 301 electoral districts and indicates the results of the 2000 federal election.
The Weather Atlas of Ontario shows the average, minimum, and maximum temperatures, as well as the quantity of rain and snow for each month. This Atlas is also available for Canada.
This Atlas presents the results of the 2003 General Election in Quebec and makes it possible to chart voting patterns for the different political parties in each of the 125 electoral districts in Quebec.
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