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Atlas of Canada with Géoclip O3
An Atlas of Canada with the ability to display map, table and graph on the same screen
New version of Géoclip
Explore the all new version of Géoclip (code O3): more power, more information and more flexibility.
Atlas on immigration
Integration-Net developed an Atlas on immigration for Ottawa.
USA Census Atlas
A USA Atlas by state, county and census tract that can display the road network.
Quebec Health Commissioner
The Quebec Health and Welfare Commissioner uses Geoclip to compare health performance in Quebec and Canada (only in French).
USA Health Atlas
USA Health Atlas. Try the report function by clicking on a State.
Kansas Health Institute
The Kansas Health Institute uses Geoclip to present the ranking of the 105 counties of Kansas.
Geo-Stat Atlases demonstrate the ability of Géoclip to present cartographic data. See the power and user friendliness of Géoclip for yourself.
Our indicator toolmakes it easy to search a database of indicators, then display the results in tabular or graphical form.
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